Advertisers & Syndication

Wi-Fi Sheep is always on the lookout for new content partners

Got a product or service we can talk about on The Wi-Fi Sheep Radio Show? We have time and space with-in each fortnightly (2 Week) episdoe to talk about and endorse or product or service.

Rates are competitive and negotiable so get in touch!

Content Syndication & Partner Broadcasters 

Are you a station manager looking for talk based broadcast content for your community / light commercial network?

The Wi-Fi Sheep Radio show is available to english speaking radio and audio broadcast platforms wherever you are!

Our show can be supplied in a full 60 minute episdoe or as 4 parts allowing for trailers or ad breaks to be inserted.

Our show contains no copyrighted material that requires your stations to log or perchance additional licenses. All third party content used is covered under a Creative Commons license.

Our show contains no bad language or content, However some topics may be considered PG or 12+.

The Wi-Fi Sheep Radio show is ideal for small community or online broadcasters looking for speech content.

Unlike many Syndicated programmes, We will consider all  kinds of operations be in FM / AM online, Full time or short ‘pop up’ stations.


We review each application on a station by station basis.

However your station / broadcast platform must:

  • Be fully legal and licensed – We will not support unlicensed private stations  
  • Broadcast a ‘live’ linier service- We will not accept on-demand or podcast channels
  • Schedule our content for the duration of the agreed run
  • Broadcast our content as provided- You my NOT re-edit or change the content of the programme.
  • Broadcast in English

Other Terms of Service and supply apply.
Please be aware The Wi-Fi Sheep Radio Show carries prepaid sponsorship, product endorsement and product placement as part of the main programme content. Any Syndication Partner will be required to transmit and broadcast this as part of the main programme. 

If your interested, please get in touch!