Welcome to the World of Wi-Fi Sheep!

Wi-Fi Sheep is an exciting new podcast and social media show all about the world of tech, with an emphasis  on computing and gaming.

We run a twice monthly radio show (podcast) which is due to start its second season very shortly (sept 2017). You can listen to all the previous episodes of our first season online for free by clicking on ‘Podcast’

Each show we bring you a wide range of topics and news, subject have so far included:

  • Raspberry Pi
  • Retro computing
  • Smart Phones
  • Lego
  • Gaming systems
  • Pokemon

To name just a few….

Most episodes we’re joined by a guest from the world of hobbyist tech to shine a light on the topics of the day and to hopefully inspire you the listener!

Youtube Tech Videos

When we’re not podcasting you can can still get your Wi-Fi Sheep fix from our very own youtube channel! We have a range of ‘tech videos’ covering all sorts of subjects from #8-bit vintage tech rebuilds to sampling the latest systems and games.