Introducing the Ident Compact Edition

A stylish, affordable and flexible stand-alone casing solution for Raspberry Pi®

After much time and development Ident Computer is proud to announce its latest product range for 2018.

The Ident Compact Edition or 'CE' brings together the latest in 3D print technology and manufacturing techniques to bring an exciting new product to the hobbyist and education markets.

Using Ident CE, users can build open and flexible computing systems tailored to their needs and all in a compact desktop unit.

All CE kits are designed for use with Raspberry Pi B+, Pi2 or Pi3 and requires a: SD card, power supply, video lead, monitor, keyboard & mouse to complete.

Tailored operating systems for our CE range can be downloaded here.

Downloads required valid Ident product serial or ref number.

The Ident CE Family

Currently we have two versions of the Ident CE in our product line, these being:


Our new entry level product, the CE base unit for use with Raspberry Pi B+ or later, provoked an easy to build and stylish casing solution for your Raspberry Pi!

As with all Ident computer system products, Linux SIDE our free OS for the Ident CE is available to download, just enter your products Serial or Ref number.

Ident CE dRIVE

Here at Ident we love video games! So we are really excited to offer our first product for the ever growing retro gaming community the Ident CE dRIVE!

A kit solution recommended for Raspberry Pi ® 3 and using the awesome Linux Retro Pie distribution (not supplied). In addition to the Ident CE case itself, this kit also includes a 5v mini cooling fan (with cables & fixings) and 1x USB gaming controller.

Accessoires & Add-ons

An ever growing range of accessories and add-ons for your Ident CE system

CE USB Stand

Our attractive all-in-one USB stand allows your Ident CE to be mounted vertically, saving on valuable desk space!

Available in a range of colours to match your Ident CE, the stand also helps keep all your CE's connections tidy as well a allowing you to still plug-in USB flash drives or other devices such as game controllers.

Only suitable for single slice/stack Ident CE units or setups

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