Ident Compact Edition

A stylish, affordable and flexible stand-alone casing solution for Raspberry Pi®

The Ident Compact Edition or 'CE' brings together the latest in 3D print technology and manufacturing techniques to bring an exciting new product to the hobbyist and education markets.

Using Ident CE, users can build open and flexible computing systems tailored to their needs and all in a compact desktop unit.

All CE kits are designed for use with Raspberry Pi B+, Pi2 or Pi3 and requires a: SD card, power supply, video lead, monitor, keyboard & mouse to complete.

The Ident CE Family

Since first coming to market during 2018. we've been working with our partners at RISC OS BITS to develop a number of versions of the CE product.

These CE products can be found on the website.

An Ident Broadcasting & Communications Web Site.