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Google's Youtube.com became the video sharing platform of choice as Wi-Fi Sheep expanded from a small podcast radio show into a fully fledged on-demand retro tech video channel.
Over the past 5 years we've been able to offer a wide selection of informative and entertaining content from our award winning video series to our interactive live streams and broadcasts.
The goal of Wi-Fi Sheep has always been to make the fantastic world and electronics and computing accessible to as many as possible, without the need for prior knowledge, or technical skills.

Our currect video serise, free to watch & enjoy on-demand via Youtube:
TinyBASIC Computers
Have you ever wanted to build your own computer from just parts?

TinyBASIC computers have been designed to be as simple and low cost as posable so hopefully anyone can built and then program.
The series is designed from the standpoint of a complete beginner and is meant to be as open and accessible as possible.
RISC OS Direct
Wi-Fi Sheep's exclusive video tutroial series...
We'll be showcasing all the latest the news,  information and demonstrations for the latest version of the RISC OS operating system formally from Acorn Computers, but now calls the Raspberry Pi home.
We'll be covering all the wonderful and fantastic features of this modern none Linux OS from coding, gaming though to productivity tools.
This series is bought you by Wi-Fi Sheep on Youtube in association with RISC OS Developments Ltd.
Commodore & The C64
A collection of all The C64 clone, VIC-20 & Commodore 64 8-bit computing content from the Wi-Fi Sheep Channel.
BBC Micro 8-bit
A collection of classic 8-Bit Acorn BBC Micro retro programming & hardware restoration / computing content produced exclusively here on Wi-Fi Sheep!
Events, Talks & Shows
From computer and tech related exhibitions to talks presentations and live streamed events.
From Wi-Fi Sheep or external hosted channels.
Tech Videos
All tech related video content and presentions from Wi-Fi Sheep on Youtube.
A collection of all our festive specials and fun from over the years!
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