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Exclusive Playlist
This is our exclusive playlist for all backers of Wi-Fi Sheep on Patreon,
Here you'll find exclusive videos, recently retired or offline video content and on-demand playbacks of all our live streams as future live-stream events will not be made public after broadcast*
*except show events or commercial contracts.
Available to all $1 or above
Wi-Fi Sheep Patreon backers
TinyBASIC Computers
A full toolkit of open source software, program documetation and HEX ROM files supporting our TinyBASIC computers project on youtube.
All Software Elements of this tool kit are available for free from 3rd party sorces.
HEX and ROM files used are also freely avlaible.
Available to all $3 or above
Wi-Fi Sheep Patreon backers
Micro 1.5 Print out Kit
Our classic easy build 'do it yourself' Raspberry Pi powered micro computer kit!
Just printout the parts onto plain paper, cutout these templates and glue to easily obtainable foam and mount board.
Cut these card parts out and glue with PVA or hot melt glue
Paint as desired
*Requires Working Raspberry Pi modes A or B + - Pi 4 B
working USB keyboard or appropriate size, nuts bolts and other fixings + 2x USB extender cables to complete.
Available to all $4 or above
Wi-Fi Sheep Patreon backers
Play the lastest aplha builds of Nanogangs our new 8bit platformer adventure written for the 8-bit Acorn BBC Micro using just stock BBC BASIC!
Available to all $3 or above
Wi-Fi Sheep Patreon backers
C64 Key Stickers
+ Download 3D print PLA Parts
(Suitable for Micro 1.5 Kit builders)
Available to all $4 or above
Wi-Fi Sheep Patreon backers

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